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Summertime and the Livin’ is Healthy

Summer is here…school is out. Compared to the fall and spring, there aren’t as many things to do or as many events on my calendar. All of a sudden, my life has become less deadline-driven. My mind has become less cluttered with competing thoughts. For me, the season allows me to indulge a bit in…

4 Easy Ways for Cancer Survivors to Lead an Active Lifestyle

Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of exercise for prolonging life and preventing cancer. One recent study found that individuals that exercise just 15 minutes per day were 10% less likely to die from cancer (Washington Post 2011). In addition to decreasing the likelihood of getting cancer, exercising helps increase one’s health overall (Mayo Clinic…

What to Expect When you’re Expecting — a Mastectomy

A cancer diagnosis reminds us of all that’s uncontrollable in life. As does cancer treatment. Because patients are not only warriors on the front line in the war on cancer. We’re also the battlefield itself; regardless of whether the bombs are dropped by the good guys or the bad guys, they still fall on us….