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4 Easy Ways for Cancer Survivors to Lead an Active Lifestyle

Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of exercise for prolonging life and preventing cancer. One recent study found that individuals that exercise just 15 minutes per day were 10% less likely to die from cancer (Washington Post 2011). In addition to decreasing the likelihood of getting cancer, exercising helps increase one’s health overall (Mayo Clinic…

We All Hold Torches of Championship

Yesterday, CancerForward was fortunate to be recognized by Texas Children’s Cancer Center as its 2011 Torch of Champions Honoree. The occasion was the 4th Annual Celebration of Champions Luncheon which salutes survivors who have been treated at the Center. The event raises important funding for family-centered care for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer…

CancerForward Rolls Out New Free National Program to Connect Cancer Survivors

CancerForward: The Foundation For Cancer Survivors today announced the creation of ConnectToForward, a fundamental initiative of the Foundation’s three-prong mission to connect, educate and share information among cancer survivors through its website, cancerforward.org. ConnectToForward is a national outreach and partnering program developed to introduce CancerForward’s virtual cancer survivor community to constituents of the 300 U.S….