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4 Easy Ways for Cancer Survivors to Lead an Active Lifestyle

4 Easy Ways For Cancer Survivors To Lead An Active Lifestyle on CancerForward.org

Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of exercise for prolonging life and preventing cancer. One recent study found that individuals that exercise just 15 minutes per day were 10% less likely to die from cancer (Washington Post 2011). In addition to decreasing the likelihood of getting cancer, exercising helps increase one’s health overall (Mayo Clinic 2011) and it is very important for cancer survivors to stay in good health.

Finding time to exercise often can be difficult, especially for adults with full-time jobs and a family. For those individuals not currently exercising, beginning an exercise routine is a daunting task. Although all last summer I planned to start a regular exercise regime, I still have yet to actually begin one. However, even when some types of exercising may be difficult to fit into one’s schedule, there are plenty of options to live an active lifestyle without creating too much stress. Below are four easy ways I’ve found to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

(1) Walk – Walking is a great way to exercise and is an activity that many of us already do during the day. Walking is my main form of exercise. The walk from the parking lot to my office is a little over 10 minutes. Instead of riding the bus, I walk every day – ensuring I get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. Additionally, I take my dog on at least two long walks a day. Walking is low impact exercise, meaning people can walk for longer without the aches and pains of some other types of exercise. A great motivator for walking more throughout the day is to wear a pedometer. These are usually very cheap and encourage more activity throughout the day (WebMD). Additionally, America on the Move has suggestions for ways to walk more throughout the day.

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We All Hold Torches of Championship

We All Hold Torches of Championship on CancerForward.org

Yesterday, CancerForward was fortunate to be recognized by Texas Children’s Cancer Center as its 2011 Torch of Champions Honoree. The occasion was the 4th Annual Celebration of Champions Luncheon which salutes survivors who have been treated at the Center. The event raises important funding for family-centered care for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer and blood disorders.

CancerForward was very proud to be a part of the day. Championing cancer survivors is what we’re all about. It’s very important that every person who has survived a cancer diagnosis knows that there are people who are supporting them not merely to overcome cancer, but to be the BEST cancer survivor he or she can be.

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CancerForward Rolls Out New Free National Program to Connect Cancer Survivors

CancerForward Rolls Out New Free National Program to Connect Cancer Survivors on CancerForward.org

CancerForward: The Foundation For Cancer Survivors today announced the creation of ConnectToForward, a fundamental initiative of the Foundation’s three-prong mission to connect, educate and share information among cancer survivors through its website, cancerforward.org. ConnectToForward is a national outreach and partnering program developed to introduce CancerForward’s virtual cancer survivor community to constituents of the 300 U.S. nonprofit cancer-related organizations and the after-treatment patients of theNational Cancer Institute’s 65 designated cancer centers and other national leaders in cancer care.

On April 1, 2011, CancerForward will roll-out the new program, making available to cancer survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals free memberships to The Survivor Network on CancerForward. Funded by The Dan L. Duncan Family, The Survivor Network is a unique online platform that provides survivors and caregivers a virtual community to connect and share experiential information.

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