Tag: The Foundation For Cancer Survivors - Part 4

How I Moved Forward

Hello! Today, I begin blogging at CancerFoward. I’m a graduate student at Rice University in Houston and a 6-year cancer survivor. Social media led me to CancerForward when cancer survivor and former Texas Representative Ellen Cohen tweeted about an award CancerForward had given her. The idea of CancerForward…an online organization supporting cancer survivors…really resonated with…

What to Expect When you’re Expecting — a Mastectomy

A cancer diagnosis reminds us of all that’s uncontrollable in life. As does cancer treatment. Because patients are not only warriors on the front line in the war on cancer. We’re also the battlefield itself; regardless of whether the bombs are dropped by the good guys or the bad guys, they still fall on us….

Will Cancer Rehab Help Me?

Imagine that you are an active person who is fully engaged in a busy life full of work, family, friends, and community responsibilities. Squeezing in an annual physical examination with your doctor is not easy to do, you have so many other commitments. But, you do manage to get an appointment and go for your…

CancerForward Rolls Out New Free National Program to Connect Cancer Survivors

CancerForward: The Foundation For Cancer Survivors today announced the creation of ConnectToForward, a fundamental initiative of the Foundation’s three-prong mission to connect, educate and share information among cancer survivors through its website, cancerforward.org. ConnectToForward is a national outreach and partnering program developed to introduce CancerForward’s virtual cancer survivor community to constituents of the 300 U.S….

The Power of Words: Communication holds the key to better cancer care and survivorship

Celia Bandman from the Center for Communication in Medicine wrote to me several months ago saying “As a writer I am haunted by Mark Twain’s words: ‘The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning’. This quote from Mark…