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Surviving Cancer: 2013 Forward Mover Rebecca Trahan In Her Own Words

Surviving Cancer: 2013 Forward Mover Susan Pye, JD In Her Own Words

Surviving Cancer: 2013 Forward Mover Cynthia Cage McClain In Her Own Words

Surviving Cancer: 2013 Forward Mover John Hrncir In His Own Words

Surviving Cancer: 2013 Forward Mover Terri Dome In Her Own Words

At Last! Study Says Chronicling Cancer Experience Online Reduces Depressive Symptoms Among Survivors

As a society, we are increasingly moving online to tell our friends, family and co-workers – sometimes indeed, the world – about our personal experiences with cancer. I’m a longtime believer that journaling or chronicling one’s cancer journey is rehabilitative to our emotional well-being. Since I was diagnosed in 2001, I’ve jotted down my survivor…

Recession-Born Nonprofit Grows into Third Birthday Shoes, Primed to Make Footprint in Healthy Cancer Survivorship Awareness

CancerForward just passed its third birthday, giving a nod to the milestone but taking little time to celebrate. As the day approached and went, there was too much work to be done. Our plate was piled high with opportunities for the future and the need to keep our body growing stronger. You’re not seeing crocodile…

National Cancer Survivors Day® is Cause For Celebration

By Beth Sanders Moore Today is National Cancer Survivors Day 2013, and the day is cause for celebration! Here’s why: The number of cancer survivors is growing. There are an estimated 13.7 million survivors living today. By the year 2020, that number is expected to increase by 30% to 18 million. Cancer survivorship care is…

Cancer, Redefined: ‘Survivor’

By Rick Boulay, MD Editor’s Note: A board-certified gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Boulay blogs regularly at Journey Through Cancer. This blog first appeared February 26, 2013 on HuffPost and was re-published by its author on CancerForward. Sur-vi-vor, noun [ser-vahy-ver]: a person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks. As we…

Awaiting Me After Cancer: The STAR Program

Editor’s Note: To mark National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012, CancerForward asked Julie Silver, MD, to share her story of breast cancer survivorship from her perspective as a doctor. Dr. Silver is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the co-founder of Oncology Rehab Partners, LLC….